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HEADLINE for January 17, 2011

This year’s Martin Luther King Day of Service was very successful. 35 staff, volunteers, and residents worked together for the sake of others in the Cornwallis Rd Apt community of Durham, NC.  CEF ministers there each week with Christina Rice and the Youth Life Foundation staff.  The diverse gathering on Jan. 17th tackled several projects at the Youth Life Center based upon Dr. King’s question: “What are you doing for others?”  Residents, like Jamar (below), were side-by-side working with teens from Kings Park International Church, students from NCCU, UNC, UVA, parents from the community, CEF staff and board members.

Jamar (lft) and John (rht) standing with many of the 35 volunteers after supper at the Youth Life Center

After successfully completing four of the five projects, the adults and children enjoyed a meal catered by Boston Market, then had a quiz game about Dr. Martin Luther King.  Though muddy, cold, and tired, all felt good about the 3 hours together helping others and honoring the life of Dr. King.  Aiden, who attended with his father, Stephen Ehmann (both seen in separate pictures below) said, “It was hard work but it was worth it to help other people.”  I think Aiden really got it.

Aiden, Delrontay, and other kids organized and shelved books in the YLC library with the help of two local school teachers.

Stephen Ehmann helping a neighborhood child with their supper after removing old AC units, landscaping, and clean up at the Youth Life Center.









CEF encourages others to take part in next year’s MLK Day of Service.  For the best results, interested groups should begin planning now.  This is a wonderful way to engage and support our communities where city kids live.  CEF is more than happy to partner with you. offers guidance and good ideas as you think forward to 2012.


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