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CEF Durham has a summer ministry plan: Kids Love Camping! School is out! Weather is hot! What are kids doing this summer?

Many know they’re going to the pool, away for camp, or some vacation time out of town. But many of the city kids we know and love can’t count on doing all these things each summer. Actually, many of their parents wish their kids could enjoy these summer activities. CEF Durham, alone, has offered sports camps, Bible clubs, and overnight camping to children for the past 25 years as an auxiliary ministry. The extended time spent with children and youth at any camp enhances their spiritual formation like no other, short of being their parents and living with them. For the same reason, coaches and teachers are so influential in the lives of their students.

This summer we, at CEF Durham, are doing something familiar, but a bit more comprehensive, with our friends at the Durham Nativity School and the Jenny Koortbojian Foundation Summer Reading Camp. CEF will be a partner in offering games/fitness along with educational sessions in Bible, social etiquette, character development, and mental health. Our 5-Day Club curriculum as well as newly developed programs to strengthen the body, mind, spirit, and heart of city kids will be used during this 6-week camp.

The 50-60 city kids attending this unique experience in downtown Durham, which began June 17th, are loving this type of summer camp. The diverse group of 3rd-6th graders will finish camp July 25th. Thirty full days of inner city camping this summer will form and nurture these young lives into God-loving, world-changing, healthy individuals.

Sponsor city kids for camp

$100 sponsors a city kid to attend a week of sports camp at a More Than Gold camp or academy. These campers then have an opportunity to earn a week of overnight camping outside the city in the mountains near Asheville. To make this happen for 1,000 local city kids, More Than Gold Fitness and Sportsreach has launched a “Sponsor City Kids” campaign. Youth and adult athletic teams, companies, individuals and civic organizations are asked to sponsor city kids throughout 2013. Over 350 city kids have attended various sports camps and 6 city kids will be attending overnight camp at Camp Good News this summer. Thanks for supporting this effort. Image

Fitness challenge groups

Whether you’re an elite athlete, need to lose 20-50-100 lbs., or somewhere in between… I’ve set up 2 personal fitness sites to help you achieve your fitness and life goals. Message me here for advise, a plan, and free consultations. Visit doc John Blake’s Beachbody site where you can find and ask for resources to improve your health and fitness. I’m here and sites below to help your fitness experience via organized fitness challenge groups.

John ‘doc’ Blake’s passion and the focus of More Than Gold Fitness is to empower poor, disenfranchised, and at-risk city kids through biblical kingdom building of the body, mind, and spirit for sustained fitness and wellness throughout life.John Blake is the CEF Durham Director, More Than Gold founder, and a fitness coach with Team Beachbody where your healthy lifestyle can be fulfilled. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get fit, or earn money by helping others, we can provide a solution. We help you achieve your goals using a combination of proven home fitness programs, easy-to-follow meal plans and nutrition advice, financial incentives, and a support system like no other.

The urban missions BREAKOUT! (boot camp) will allow you to develop your heart for the people of urban America; move beyond missions trip rhetoric with diverse practical ideas; build bridges to urban communities with the Gospel; grow spiritually and worship together; create and daily adjust your mission team’s plan as you work in one community from 4-8 PM each day Monday-Friday; embrace your fears; and use your talents/interest as you minister.

Connect with Breakout! missions this Summer

Local teens with their mentors, who serve as club teachers year-round,
together at a “Blacktop Games” events during the early Spring.
Training and ministry planning to be prepared for Bible teaching and everything.
Missionary cohorts are there to support and encourage you.
Meaningful conversations abound during clubs and special events.
Prayer is essential and an intentional practice before and after missions work.

Registration DEADLINE is May 1st
Additional information about CEF, the Urban Center of Light, and Breakout! can be found at the following sites: CEF Durham and Facebook.  Contact by mail at CEF Durham 801 Gilbert St. Suite #101 Durham, NC 27701


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