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Incorporating the 10 Keys of the Kingdom

Go: CEF staff, volunteers, collaborators, churches

Pray/Bless: CEF staff, club volunteers, churches, pastor/minister prayer groups, PrayDurham, Transformation RDU, various coalitions, ekklesia prayer and action groups

Fellowship/Listen: CEF staff, club volunteers & coordinators, collaborators, church partners, housing authorities, urban networking partners, prayer movements, and mentoring groups

Proclaim: CEF staff, club & event volunteers, church partners, ministry collaborators

Identify assets/Meet needs: CEF staff, volunteers, collaborators, asset-based community developers, cultural competency trained, deconstructing racism trained, and housing authorities

Develop/Enrich: CEF staff, club leaders & volunteers, collaborating churches & ministries

Capacity Building Principles


  • It’s costly up front (i.e. time, energy, money, patience, emotions, etc.)
  • No short term emotional rewards when building
  • Most people celebrate the finished or functional breakthroughs
  • Celebrate everything M.P.


  • If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly. H.W.
  • Don’t let the fear (aka twisted faith) in your life control or hinder you.


  • Freedom: Discover God’s boundaries for your life. Psalm 16:5-6
  • Truth: It’s the most equal opportunity employer out there… It’s the same for everyone.  Tension when choosing both/and vs either/or.


  • The cost of being in the baseball hall of fame is striking out. B.R.


I realized the focus of Jesus ministry and the heart of God was on people. Their worth, dignity, and living situation dictated ministry. My vision was sharpened on how God valued the people we were reaching, even in the most resource-challenged communities of Durham. As our team refocused, no longer were the people seen as objects or goals of our ministry, but essential conduits and leaders for the transformation of their own communities.

The vision of CEF Durham is a 10+ year block-by-block spiritual transformation of city kids and their families living in 10 of Durham’s most resourced-challenged communities. This vision statement is articulated and realized by using and achieving the 10 Keys of the Kingdom.


During the past several years, both ministers and residents have been enriched when they prayed, blessed, listened, learned, and ate together. This biblically-relational approach has allowed us more effective evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development. Spiritual transformation becomes evident when these ten expressions of the Gospel are implemented. Collaboration with other ministries, churches, organizations, and groups is necessary – even mandatory for success.

2 Tim. 2:2 …commit to faithful men who can teach others also… Psalm 107:23-25, 28-31put your faith in action

Now everything CEF Durham does will be community-based and guided by these 10 Keys of the Kingdom. The purposes of Child Evangelism Fellowship are being fulfilled more effectively by following Jesus’ Model of ministry. Our ministry plan is year-round rather than seasonally. Making disciples is the focus. Changed lives, communities, and our city is the goal.


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