I am planning on being back at Oxford Manor tomorrow after months of being out because of sickness. I will be taking canned goods and non-perishable items for the residents as well as sausage biscuits and snacks for the kids. Please continue praying for this ministry. We continue to need volunteers in order for us to get back into regular kids and teen activities and lessons. God shows me every week that we are supposed to be  there. I saw in the news that there are so many gangs in Durham, and the only answer is saturating these boys and girls with Jesus. These kids are worth it. Please pray and respond as God leads. He is in control and I give him the honor and glory for all he has done. 

Our 2022 Easter community party & basket give-away is scheduled for Friday, April 15th 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Join us our partners and friends of the Durham Rescue Mission to help us celebrate the miracle of Easter! We need volunteers to help Easter Baskets and CEF Gospel-booklets for over 2,000+ city kids and families. Serve for one hour or the 2 hrs.

CEF Ministries to Families in Communities

CEF Durham Area Chapter follows Luke 10 instructions toward biblical transformation. Our staff and volunteers:

  • Bless: speak (pray) peace to please v.5-6
  • Fellowship: build relationship with those outside the Kingdom of God v.7-8
  • Minister: respond to their felt needs in the Name of Jesus v.9a
  • Proclaim: announce that the Kingdom of God is available to them through Jesus Christ v.9b (Gospel)

Since the beginning of 2022, CEF Durham has given away at least 3,000 lbs. of food, furniture/children items, shoes and clothing to various communities.  It has been a blessing to be a blessing. Thank you for supporting CEF/Jesus in this way. Our staff, board, and volunteers engage all four biblical transformation principles as they minister through Good News Clubs, Power & Light, sports camps, and/or various community events.

Grateful for CEF Durham and the Blake Family

We are grateful and appreciative for your prayers, calls, cards, financial support, and faithfulness of our boards and volunteers keeping ministry going this time. John’s recent MRI scan marker shows the tumor is a “good” one and responds great to chemo. Game plan is to begin a higher dose of chemo for 5 days, then 23 days off for then several months. Additionally (up to 4 months every 2 weeks) an infusion through IV of a drug which has been proven to provide decreased swelling/irritation as well as help John feel and speak/understand better.