I’m (via Carolyn writing) trying to update everyone on my medical condition, how I feel physically or mentally, and the ongoing challenges. On January 4-5, 2022, we had an oncology consult which included a new MRI analysis of the treated area. A genetic test taken on the removed tumor showed that it was a “good” one and responds great to chemo. We are so thankful. The area of treatment looked a bit “angry” to the team, but was expected with this type of tumor after radiation.

God’s Game Plan” is to begin a higher dose of chemo (started 01/13), for 5 days, then 23 days off, to continue for next few months. Next recheck is Feb. 9th. What MRI shows at that time will determine direction of treatment – whether we go through a year of MRI/recheck every 2 months or if the plan needs to be adjusted. 

I pray for discernment and wisdom as to what I am able to do during the next 4-6 months. Although on a “sabbatical” from daily ministry, the CEF Board is keeping me apprised of the work, as well as taking on the daily/weekly responsibilities while I recover. My prayer is to heal/recover and seek God’s leading in ministry activities, as well as see His hand of blessing for CEF during this time. A word from the Lord we were given: “Watch and see what I can do”! He is able to do all things especially when we are at our weakest. Thanks again for everyone stepping up during my recovery, praying, and giving. All of this is such an encouragement to John and I.

Next update March 9-11th.

Priorities for Ministries 2022

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