Edited in Prisma: Ocean Isle Beach 2021 johneblake

As when I pray, meditate, and journal, these attributes I remember about God:

“Watch and see what I can do…” Carolyn Blake’s “Word from the Lord for us during this season of life”

When I pray for you, as I also pray for others, I pray these specific promises from the Lord for me and you when I’ve entered in the manifold presence of Christ:

  • GOD cares about you and me
  • GOD does the “redo” in our lives
  • God helps me to remember
  • God guides me in what I should pray
  • God loves me so I can love, affirms, and value others
  • God provides total access into His Kingdom
  • God shows me how I’m becoming and His destiny
  • God will not remember my sin, loves and forgives me
  • God brings light into my dark places, secrets, brokenness
  • God covers me with His right hand with His righteousness
  • God lifts me up with His everlasting arms
  • God, there is no darkness in the presence of your Light

Footnote Disclaimer: As a result of my brain surgery (Sep.17, 2021) my speech and writing have been affected. During future blogs, I’ll try for others to edit my drafts to provide clarity and understand for my message. Thank you for your patience. Subscribe: johneblake.blog (button)