The courts are open after school, weekends, school holidays, and summer breaks.

John E Blake — Coaching and mentoring youth in Durham N.C. via tennis on inner city courts! Doc Blake’s More Than Gold Fitness & Sportsreach

Research has found that early positive experiences in sports create a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle. Tennis is fun for families and kids of all ages and levels. CEF and docBlakeFitness are advocates and facilitators of youth and family tennis through More Than Gold teaching academies, camps, and clinics, which are usually held in the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall. We also offer total body fitness workouts to enhance overall strength, agility, and healthy lifestyles.


  • New friends
  • Quality time with family
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learn teamwork and communication


  • Stay active with aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  • Enhance flexibility and coordination
  • Increase bone and muscle strength
  • Creates mental and physical awareness and well being


  • Learn sportsmanship and fun competition
  • Develops character and integrity
  • Builds discipline and work ethic
  • Improves relational skills and decision-making

SAMPLE SCHEDULE (40 min sessions)

  • Warm up and stretch
  • Cardio and strength conditioning
  • Racket grip, balls types, court etiquette
  • Skills tutorial and/or Play Tennis Skillastics®
  • Forehand off toss/hit – Run – elimination
  • Backhand off toss/hit – Run – elimination
  • Overhead off toss/hit – Run – elimination
  • Dodgeball repeat skills – Run – eliminate
  • Conditioning via Line Hops – Stop-Start Runs
  • Strokes with partner – Keep Score – rotate
  • Strokes with 5-some – Keep Score – rotate
  • Play – Keep own score – rotate – eliminate
  • What did we learn today?