After the evaluation, important questions were answered: What was missing?

  1. Focused prayer for spiritual transformation of the specific communities where we ministered.
    — Reconciliation, strategic, and transformation prayers needed
  2. Godly relationships with the indigenous people living in those communities.
    Visitation and sharing life with community is a must! …aka being invited into the
    community: “Why don’t you live in our neighborhood?”
  3. A comprehensive, collaborative, and biblical ministry plan that fostered sustainability and Christian community development.
    — When the community/neighborhood, CEF, other organizations, city agencies, local
    churches are working (pulling/pushing) together… Harambee.

Evangelism with follow up and some special outreach events had been our plan through Child Evangelism Fellowship® for many years. It was done well. Thousands of lives were touched and heard the Good News. Many of those received Christ as Savior during that decade. But it was incomplete. Even when we conscientiously followed Micah 6:8 and Mark 16:15, I realized we were falling short of expressing the Gospel as Jesus had instructed His disciples to do when He sent them out to every town and place where they were to go; where He would be going.