We were guided by the Word of God in prayer and through seeking counsel.

Psalm 11:1-4 …when the foundations are being destroyed… what are the righteous to do?
       — Families, schools, churches, and communities are broken
— Let’s not contribute or make worse the brokenness

Proverbs 11:10, 11, 14 …when the righteous rule… the city prospers
— Volunteers, teachers, workers bless this city and area

Isaiah 58, 61:1-4 conduct ministry with the heart of God… the city blossoms as a garden…the indigenous are the champions of the restoration of the city…
       — Good News Clubs conducted with a Godly mind-set and biblical ministry plan

Matthew 16:13-18  
       — Christ’s kingdom-building plan and promise
— Gates and Keys

Mark 8:1-12  
       — Compassion leads us to the answer …like Jesus: love and compassion to do something

— Location teaches us the answer …not always convenient or right for ministry (“…is this good ground?”)

— Situations stretch us to get the answer …little food – hungry and tired

— Signs distract us from the answer …don’t delay, stop waiting until everything is in right order to serve

Luke 10:2
  — Laborers are lacking and needed. Certainly prayer is a big part of the answer, but this is God’s prayer request of us. … teaching by Reese Kauffman aka God’s Will / Way


Luke 10:3-12, 16  Basic instructions from Jesus before starting your ministry and while you minister in community

1. Go to the people in their community
2. Bless the people and their community
3. Pray with the people for transformation
4. Fellowship by eating together
5. Listen to the people when visiting them
6. Proclaim the Gospel with words and actions
7. Identify assets within the community
8. Meet real felt needs which empowers people
9. Develop and disciple indigenous people
10. Enrich and be enriched by the people


  • Theology
  • Paradigms
    Bless, Minister, Fellowship, Proclaim
  • Foundation
    Prayer Evangelism
  • Formation
  • Trust & Favor
  • Covenants