Most city kids when asked: Is the world getting darker or lighter?  They almost unanimously answer: DARKER!  Why?  They, like you and I, just know that the sadness, despair, crime, economic challenges, and broken families of this world feels dark.  It’s discouraging and depressing.  Children, youth, and their families are struggling to navigate life in such a world.

When the foundations are being destroyed, what are the righteous to do? Psalm 11

Many students, even parents and teachers, feel helpless or clueless of how to combat the perpetual onslaught of hatred, violence, cyber-bullying, or disrespect, just to mention a few forms of darkness in their world.  But this narrative of darkness is changing!  Students are hearing and accepting the truth of their immense and incredible value.


They’re rejecting the lies and false labels of words and attitudes thrown towards them like poisonous darts and bringing light to their world (schools) as world changers.  Students and teachers, independently and together, are leveraging their God-given value and power to make choices that will make their school better and flourish.

The Center of Light is dedicated to envisioning, training, and releasing young people to make a positive difference in their world.  Right now, a student’s world may consist of their home, school, neighborhood and extra-curricular activities.  They can begin now, right where they are, to impact their world and make it a better place.  Students are world changers, which understand that the choices they make affect not only their life, but the world around them.  The Center of Light offers character development workshops, assemblies, and student-led projects with the following objectives:

  • Impart value to every student
  • Empower students to impart value to others
  • Offers strategies on how to make a positive difference in their world
  • Enable students to see themselves as world changers and to begin walking as such

Power & Light workshops and seminars help students and school faculty to discern and make choices that will affect their life and the world around them in a positive way.  It gets underneath the issues of bullying, low self-esteem, and exposes often incorrect perceptions of themselves about their power and value to bring change in their world.


The Center of Light offers values-based character education with principles and strategies to help students and faculty see their schools flourish in N.C.