The vision for City Kids is simple – to visit resource-challenged communities and deliver a comprehensive gospel impact. We are faced with many questions in our calling, but it is in our search for the answer that we strive to spread the Gospel to all. Is God powerful enough to keep kids away from gangs? Does the Word of God still accomplish what it says in the current day & age? What if The Church at Durham took seriously its responsibility for taking the Gospel to city kids and youth? What if for 10 years a collaboration of churches and ministries comprehensively served the 10 most physically and spiritually needy communities of Durham?

Living in Poverty

In our area, we face communities where crime and evil have dominated life for way too long. Communities where kids are not expected to succeed. These are the communities where the words: at-risk, under-resourced, and marginalized are experienced everyday by its residents. These are the communities where God has been rejected, yet screams out to be glorified! This is where the Lord desires that the residents welcome Him back into their lives, homes, and their communities.

We’re about reaching city kids and youth for Christ with the whole Gospel to benefit the whole child and their family throughout the whole year.

CEF Durham along with partnering ministries and local Christians are developing an Urban Missions Network for new strategies and strengthening best efforts, which will focus on these 10 identified communities for the next 10 years. A simple strategy of biblical, holistic discipleship will be used. Our vision is to see city kids and families transformed by the Gospel. Indigenous residents will be enabled to lead their own communities in biblical transformation and Christian community development. This would include, but not limited to, evangelism, discipleship, character development, academic tutoring, creative arts, sports/recreation, medical services, life skills, and economic/job training.

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