2013 summer interns make mark on CEF® urban ministries

  Summer can be a great time off for travel and hanging out with friends before returning to school for most college students. CEF Durham enjoyed a dozen college interns with The City Project via the Summit Church this summer as in the past. What did they do? Travel and hang out with friends. While doing so, these 12 students touched the lives of city kids within various neighborhoods of Hillsborough and Durham. The Gospel was the centerpiece for everything attempted and accomplished by these student-interns who allowed John Blake to disciple them for Christian living and inner city ministry. Bible clubs, teen leadership classes, setting up a computer

Gateway Apts in Hillsborough July 3, 2013

lab/library, sports, and other community development tasks were led by these interns. Whether rain or shine, this dynamic dozen were daily dedicated to the Gospel and the city kids they ministered to, like these (below) at the Gateway Apts in Hillsborough. 

This was a block party/celebration on their last day with these kids. They stuck it out through rain, lightning, and high winds. Despite being soaked, they never lost their smiles and the party continued after the storm. Over a dozen kids accepted the Lord as Savior. These students also traveled and hung out together in New York City and cities in 5 other regions of the world.