Over 300 kids sponsored for camp and year-round discipleship

ImageOver 300 people attended a recent banquet event to benefit city kids in Durham. CEF sponsored the fund raiser to continue its campaign of sponsoring 1,000 city kids. The SCK fund raising will continue until the end of 2012 for year-round discipleship and attendance at sports camps for kids in 2013.
The featured speaker was Dr. John Perkins, who was honored for over 50 years of service in urban communities to children and families. Much of his legacy was shaped by serving with CEF in the 1950-60s. After a great meal, hearing about the work of CEF, and worship led by M.O.B.— Dr. Perkins passionately spoke to the diverse crowd about his love for CEF and kids.
John McCann, the banquet MC, said in his newspaper column, “Perkins essentially told us that the answer to what’s ailing this country won’t be figured out at the ballot box. Barack Obama can’t save us. Don’t look for Mitt Romney to do it, either. Jesus Christ is the solution… Perkins got introduced to Jesus Christ when his 3-year-old son was attending a Good News Club® in California. The club was for kids, but a white man named Mr. Leitch (CEF) wound up spending time with Perkins, who was 27.

ImageAppreciate the dynamics here, because Perkins is a black man from Mississippi, where he’d seen his brother killed by a white sheriff’s deputy. But the Lord changed everything for Perkins. Jesus really paid it all.”

Much praise goes to the CEF Durham Committee who served as host of the successful banquet, which was one of six events where Dr. Perkins spoke.

During these events, Dr. Perkins captured the attention of 1,700 CEF supporters, city leaders, college and high school students with messages of hope, forgiveness, and community development. Each individual was challenged to serve in various sectors of our city. The events were held at churches, schools, and at popular downtown venues.
Image   “Seven years ago, I attended a Child Evangelism Fellowship fund-raising banquet.  At the banquet, God began a work in my life that led me, ultimately, to leading children to Him” says Lou Brogden. “I began a Good News Club at my school, and still lead that club today.  Four students of the nine that I took to Camp Good News during three consecutive summers, prayed to receive Christ as Savior. God has led many to Himself and I give Him the glory.” Ms. Brogden is also today a CEF Board member, assists at other clubs, and serves in the CEF office.
Sometimes it starts at a banquet. For others, it’s a friend’s encouragement or a church’s decision to adopt a community. Nearly 300 others are volunteering with CEF, like Ms. Brogden, so that city kids benefit. Committed volunteers are always needed, so CEF is taking volunteer application now for those interested in helping as a mentor, homework helper, Bible teacher, coach or a financial contributor. Perhaps you might be interested in helping with the CEF month mailings like this newsletter, which was stuffed by ladies who volunteer on the last Wednesday of each month. Whichever way you volunteer, city kids and CEF will benefit. They are thankful for your support.