Coach Larry Parrish to be honored with a reunion of past players and coaches CEFbanquet_2012_promo_cause

Mar. 17th will be a special day of competition, fund raising, and reunion for many interested in sponsoring city kids from Durham to attend sports camps this summer. Golf in the morning, watching NCAA basketball tournament games in the afternoon, and a roast of Coach Larry Parrish in the evening are events being planned towards sponsoring 1,000 city kids. Coach Parrish, who coached at Jordan, Southern, and Riverside High Schools in Durham, has mentored and made a positive mark on hundreds of athletes, coaches and many youth for over 30 years. He started Prep Stars Invitational Basketball Camps and the Junior Prep Stars Basketball School as well as had an impact on the development of CEF More Than Gold sports camps. To support CEF efforts of sponsoring a thousand city kids for sports camps, all former players, campers, and those touched by the coaching and life of Larry Parrish are being asked to sponsor one or more children at $100/kid. All are welcomed to attend the events planned for Mar. 17th. Early sponsoring of camp scholarships can be contributed online at CEF donations