At the conclusion of a quick two-day visit to Jackson, Mississippi last month (November), I had the privilege to give special recognition to friends and mentors, Drs. John and Vera Mae Perkins, for over 50 years of service as Good News Club® teachers, teacher-trainers, and promoters of Child Evangelism Fellowship®.  With her husband, Dr. John Perkins by her side, the two were honored for their long-time service and promotion of CEF and its mission to reach children for Christ. Mrs. Perkins is a graduate the CEF Children’s Ministries Institute as well as other family members. READ MORE

Vera Mae Perkins receives CEF honor for 50+ years of service to kids in California and Mississippi

Exchanging CEF literature: John Blake receives Perkins’ “Books of the Bible” visualized songs and the Perkins receive visuals of their life story published by CEF Press.