Goals for kingdom building in under-resourced communities of Durham progress

We continued our work this summer in select under-resourced communities of Durham via 5-Day Clubs, tutoring, camps, and one-off neighborhood events.  Through the efforts of local and out-of-state mission teams much kingdom building was accomplished as youth and adults served and taught in 7 of 10 target communities.  Children and many of their families heard and saw the Gospel in action.  McDougald Terrace, one of the target communities, which was not included above in the “7” is very close to the heart of CEF and one of its staff members, Dr. David Johnson.

Dr. David Johnson

These are David’s words recently shared with his church, Christ the King Moravian.

“Even before our Faith in Action project at Burton Elementary, I have felt God’s ‘nudging’ about getting involved with an ongoing ministry to kids in that area.  The huge McDougald Terrace apartment area was the target for several outreach events over recent years [also this summer], and I really enjoyed being involved there.  God has placed a real desire in my heart for an ongoing Good News Club® (GNC) for kids, and other ministries for youth and adults.

I’ve met several people with a desire to minister in this community.  Some of these people wish to target adults and youth, and we do need more people committed to serve kids.  However, I think there is a clear path now for starting to lay the foundations for a [sustainable] GNC for kids.  This will involve exploring options for a meeting place, developing relationships by attending Residence Council meetings, and assembling a team of people with a commitment for serving weekly for at least a year…

Somehow I have both a spiritual sense that the time is close for this project, and a worldly sense that the details are  starting to come together.  Please pray that we would have success in arranging a GNC meeting site, and that the team would be formed soon!”

God has many people in this city

Harley, Blake, and Lopez team up for holistic discipleship at Hoover Rd Apts in Durham

Even with strong reports of ministry in these communities there are still ongoing challenges of poverty, orphan mindsets, and weak indigenous leadership where CEF ministers.  However, several Durham communities have seen their resident leaders push against such challenges.  CEF will feature some of these leaders from communities where God is blessing ministry efforts during a special dinner event on Sat. Oct. 1, 2011.  Lou Brogden, Michael Harley, Christina Rice, and Sandy Underwood are a few of these leaders who will speak about the 10 Challenge and what is making a difference in the lives of kids, their families and their communities.