Adopt-your-street prayer initiative block by block across Durham

After a wonderful week (May 3-5, 2011) of celebrating great things, which are happening in Durham, as well as several major city-wide events for connection, prayer, and serving the city… What should we do now?  Could it be… Pray?

"If My people... and would pray..."

Jeremiah 29:8 answers this way: “…seek the peace and prosperity of the city…”  I cannot think of any better way to express this than to simply say, Connect – Pray – Serve our city.  Imagine with me… every home, every street, every community, every workplace, every school, every business, and every government building adopted in prayer.  How could something this comprehensive happen?  Well, simply… People like you praying.  The Church at Durham is being asked to meet this challenge by accepting a call to action and join a prayer initiative, simply called — PrayDurham!

First Objective: Spiritual air supremacy

This effort in prayer will not be bound by geography, age, race, gender, or church denominations.  It will see every street (6,000) in Durham prayed for daily.  A few other cities in the USA and around the world have launched the same type prayer covering as PrayDurham street-by-street.  Spiritual air supremacy is being established by ordinary people doing extraordinary things through the power of God.  God has many ordinary people in Durham who can do extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God, especially through prayer.

Call to Action: Adopt your street in prayer

Make a one year commitment to pray daily for a street or block of a street in Durham.  This could be the street where you live, work, or care about and are personally engaged.  In addition, you are asked to prayer walk the adopted street at least once a month applying principles of prayer evangelism: Bless, Fellowship, Minister, and Proclaim found in Luke 10.  Basically, talk to God about your neighbors before talking to your neighbors about God.

God has many people in our city, Durham, and it will take many to adopt every street in prayer.  PrayDurham will certainly Bless Durham if the Church at Durham collaborates for this cause.

Be an ambassador for the kingdom of God!  Move into action and pray!  Adopt one or more streets in prayer for Durham.  Bless others in Durham as you register your adopted street at PrayDurham.