In response to many who have asked, I have an answer for teachers searching for a classroom format that always works with city kids.  It’s shorter and simpler.  Plus, it’s loaded with sensitivity – keeping diverse learning needs of city kids in mind.

It’s not dat Good News Club® that you’ve taught, but dis club I’m talking about.  D.I.S. clubs encourage mosaic learning and cylindrical instruction.  Understanding and implementing the D.I.S. club format into your classroom requires minimal adjustments, but produces huge benefits.  “D.I.S.” reminds the teacher to: “do it shortly, do it simply, and do it with sensitivity.”

The mind-set of D.I.S. clubs and it’s methods are easily factored into any outreach ministry venue.  The D.I.S. club principles enable the teacher to leverage flexibility and simplicity to make effective adjustments in the classroom for the sake of city kids and within the context where you are teaching.  Want to know more?  See a D.I.S. club presentation, instructor and student notes at CEF Durham/downloads.

I would really appreciate your reaction to these ideas, which were developed to infuse learning retention while keeping Bible lessons and classroom activities simple and short.