Pumping up basketballs at "National Night Out 2010"

On June 23, 2010 I instantly understood that every second is in the hands of the Lord… and not mine. I collapsed that Wednesday morning with no strength on my right side; and after four days in the hospital I was told, “You had a stroke.” The doctors also agreed that I would fully recover. MRA imagining revealed that I now have three distinct marks on the left side of my brain ― finger print like spots of light. Weird… I thought, perhaps this is a mark or reminder to me of God’s goodness, healing, and grace. Anyway, things dramatically changed for me and those close to work in Durham through Child Evangelism Fellowship.

This all happened just a few days before the start of our 3rd annual urban boot camp, Breakout! 2010. With this unexpected turn of events, staff and interns really stepped up and handled every detail. Sean Blake led the best urban training that we have ever had. Dr. David Johnson taught additional classes and supervised students. Josh McDowell and Alathea were a blessing to us through their music and leading worship. Matthew Hodges handled all the logistics at First Baptist Church Durham. And to make this story even sweeter, the students had fantastic attitudes and willing to serve wherever in the city they were assigned.

Breakout! 2010 Students before 7 AM Saturday morning worship on last day of boot camp

As for me, doctors say that I am extremely healthy, yet I still notice moments of fatigue a few times each week. My wife, Carolyn, has taken over my diet and we continue to work daily on our fitness together.

Thank you so much to those who offered thoughtful expressions of love and generosity: caring and praying for my recovery. To the rest of you, now you know why there’s been no post here since May 2010. I will fully return to work and ministry after the summer. And I so look forward to it.