Church and state

“I don’t care what you teach or believe as long as you keep it inside the four walls of your church.”  In essence, many people are saying, “Your church belongs to you, but the public square belongs to us.”  Sound familiar? Is this really the way things are today? Yet, I hear Chris Rice

repetitively saying, “The way things are is not the way things have to be.”

Church in the marketplace

Will the Church allow its voice to be intimidated into silence, or will our spiritual leaders once again take their prophetic role in our society and speak truth outside the four walls of the church?  Will the leaders of the church once again speak the unchanging and unchangeable truths of God and His Word into the marketplace?

Almost everyday of every week you will find CEF staff, volunteers, and collaborating believers speaking and serving boldly in the Durham marketplace.  Come join us Monday afternoon Jan. 18th for the “Martin Luther King Day of Service” at Cornwallis Rd. Apts.   We’ll be speaking and serving that day too.